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Toyota 3TC and 2TC Ignition


8MM Spark Plug Wires


Available for 2TC and 3TC,

Colors; Red, Blue and Yellow





 Clear cap and Rotor

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For 2TC and 2TG tall Electronic Distributor





Fully Rebuilt and indexed 2T electronic distributor











The 6AL shares the same proven circuitry of the 6A with the addition of a built-in adjustable rev limiter. The combination of powerful sparks with the safety of a Soft Touch Rev Control is what makes the 6AL the most popular ignition control in the world.
MSD first developed the Soft Touch rev control to prevent overrev damage to your motor in the event of a missed shift or driveline failure. The rpm limit is adjustable in 100 rpm increments with MSD’s plug-in modules. When the engine reaches your selected limit, the Soft Touch circuitry begins dropping the spark to various cylinders. On the next cycle, these plugs are fired again to prevent fuel from loading up in the cylinder. The result is a smooth and accurate limiting action without backfires or roughness.
The Soft Touch Rev Control also opens the door for you to add rpm accessories such as a Two Step Rev Control. A Two Step allows you to set two rpm limits, one for a holeshot rpm and another for overrev protection. The 6AL is supplied with rubber shock mounts and modules For rev Limit


BRD Racing: MSD Blaster 2 Coil

MSD Blaster 2 Coil


If you are looking to upgrade your stock coil, or want to compliment the performance of your MSD Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7, the Blaster Coil line is the right choice. All of the Blaster Coils are designed for improved spark output!
Special 100:1 windings are used to provide maximum build-up of voltage! These windings are held secure and kept cool in an oil filled metal canister. The tower assembly is molded of durable alkyd material due to its high dielectric characteristics while wide spaced brass primary terminals prevent the possibility of spark.
There are several versions of the Blaster Coil available. All of them have the same internal specifications, but have different housings or components. Each Blaster Coil can be used with a stock ignition, Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7 Ignition Control. Most late model vehicles with electronic ignitions do not require a ballast resistor, check your ignition and manufacturers specifications to determine if a ballast is required in your application


BRD Racing: Custom 3TC and 2TC Distributors

2TC and 3TC Distributors

$169.00 (Cap, Rotor and Wires Not Included)

For Small base or Big Base Distributors Rebuilt to factory specs. all Tolerances are checked thoroughly before and after reassembly. fully indexed with no Vacuum advance guaranteed to spark on the right degree every time!












BRD Racing: 60+2 Crank Trigger Wheel

60+2 Crank Fire Trigger Wheel


Have you removed your distributor in favor of a Dry Sump Setup. Or if you are wanting to just remove the possibility of timing shift that Timing chain driven Cam/distributor motors are notorious for with A larger camshaft. this system will work with any system that needs a 60+2 trigger Wheel. Will work with Most Hall Effect and Reluctor sensors.





BRD Racing: Custom 2 tooth Wheel Trigger

2 Tooth Crank Fire Trigger Wheel


When installed on the crankshaft with a appropriate sensor this trigger will give you 2 trigger events per revolution of the crankshaft. Perfect to use instead of a distributor when you are running a set degree of timing on a aftermarket ignition system. Will work with most Hall Effect and Reluctor Sensors



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Product Spotlight

Eagle Connecting Rods

List Price: $349.00

Sale Price: $319.00

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Performance 2 Barrel and 4 Barrel Intakes

Sale Price: $289.00

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 Cometic Head Gasket

Sale Price: $69.99

Other Applications Available

We carry the complete line of Cometic Head Gaskets for the 2TC and 3TC. Custom Bores are Available!

Don't be fooled by the Cometic imposters, these are the real deal!

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Stainless Steel Valves

$119.99 (set of 8)

Stock Diameter

Stock Sizes and Oversize Valves Up To 39.5mm Exhaust and 45mm Intake

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Adjustable Cam Gear


2TC or 3TC Cam Sprocket allows for 20º total adjustment for dialing in your custom ground cam or adjusting to deck height modifications.

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